We are not "swing voters", nor are we "moderates". One thing we agree on is the need to minimize partisan control over the political process. : NC Independent Buzz District 9
As an registered unaffiliated in NC District 9. I am looking for a new Congressional Candidate that could potentially reach across the aisles and bust up some of this gridlock in Washington.  An honest candidate that will work tirelessly  as an ambassador for NC District 9 while being an advocate to bring the best solutions to Congress for our state and our country.  

Samantha Brownstone
Union County, NC
Sam Brownstone
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We are not "swing voters", nor are we "moderates". One thing we agree on is the need to minimize partisan control over the political process.

by Sam Brownstone on 08/13/12

I find it amusing as an Independent voter, Republicans are quick to label you as liberals. Democrats are quick to label you as apathetic. Some even like to categorize registered unaffiliated voters as non-voters.  When the truth is: registered Unaffiliated/Independent voters are, in my observation, the most thoughtful voters of all registered voters. 

Independents are Americans who believe that this country is actually supposed to be a republic. They are Americans who express the need for an inclusive, democratic process in which we can talk honestly and openly about the issues we face.  Independents more often vote based on their political ideology not based on partisanship.  They often believe it is their civic duty to make up their own mind in the voting process.  And even with 40% of America being registered as Independent and 28% in D9, Independents are largely a discarded group of voters.  Political Strategists on both sides push the notion that the Independent voter is a myth.  This may be largely due to the fact that they do not support issues that are important to Independents, or perhaps they truly are exclusive in admitting only those that can be molded without questions to their political ideology.  Whatever the reasons, as Independents we are tired of being shut out of the process and are going to speaking out during the 2012 elections.

With that being said, I have voted for many who have lost elections through the years; thrown away my votes on such presidential candidates as Ross Perot and Bob Dole.  But this year the stakes are higher than ever, especially in the US Congress.  First and foremost, my candidate must be able to win.  If you cannot win, nothing can happen.  For US Congress in my district, I am searching for a candidate from North Carolina for North Carolina and America.  I want a candidate with experience in creating well-paid jobs; someone who cares about my kids and your kids, not just their own and their neighbors.  District 9 requires a candidate that has experience reaching across the aisles.  It would be an added advantage to have an articulate candidate that can communicate at a higher grade level than a 10th grader, which you should know is our speaking capacity for the current Congress.

I endorse Jennifer Roberts for Congress US NC D9, because she represents all of these requirements and so much more.  I hope you will consider doing so as well.  If you have the opportunity, I hope you will take time to attend one or more of Jennifer's events, meet with her, ask her questions.  She has a history of working hard for the great state of NC and Mecklenburg County, NC. She is well respected in NC District 9 by Republicans and Democrats alike.  She understands our district thoroughly and would be a smart choice for the people of North Carolina.  And the kicker is, Jennifer has the best brand-name recognition and integrity of any candidate. And why do you think that is?

Jennifer Roberts has worked extremely hard for the people of North Carolina as a business person, a teacher, and a county commissioner on numerous regional boards.  She is smart, savvy and good for NC.  As a Democrat with a great reputation in North Carolina you can assume she will have tremendous support from the Dems, but what I find intriguing is the EARLY and very high profile endorsements for Jennifer such as former CEO / Bank of America Hugh McColl and Stallings Republican Mayor Lynda Paxton.  When I hear about endorsements like these, it is apparent that I am thinking this choice through correctly, and I hope others will as well.

Make a change in NC District 9 that we have not seen since 1963. Contribute to Jennifer Roberts for US Congress NC 9.

Thank you for visiting my blog and thinking about your vote in 2012.

I am,

Samantha Brownstone

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