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As an registered unaffiliated in NC District 9. I am looking for a new Congressional Candidate that could potentially reach across the aisles and bust up some of this gridlock in Washington.  An honest candidate that will work tirelessly  as an ambassador for NC District 9 while being an advocate to bring the best solutions to Congress for our state and our country.  

Samantha Brownstone
Union County, NC
Sam Brownstone
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NC Independents District 9 for Jennifer Roberts for Congress

by Sam Brownstone on 08/03/12

NC Independents

I am a registered as an unaffiliated voter in the state of North Carolina, and have voted in Michigan, Texas, Colorado and NC since 1977 under the Independent voter status. I am not a big believer in the two party system and have never in my 30+ years of voting pulled a straight handle.  In recent years I have edged closer to voting single party than ever before in my voting history.  I seem to find a lot more to vote against than to vote for these past couple of election cycles.

As an independent voter my political ideology runs along the lines of offering more equality in a system that provides affordable healthcare and education for all that need or desire it. I believe in the appropriate blend of government and private sector jobs and see the roll of government today as more crucial than at any other point in US history.

For these reasons and more, I am actively supporting and reporting for Jennifer Roberts for US Congress D9.  Roberts has served eight years on the Mecklenburg County Commission, five as Chairman.  I have followed Jennifer Roberts since 2003 when we first moved to Weddington, NC from Denver, CO.  I was always disappointed that being in Union County, I did not have the chance to vote for Jennifer. I had high hopes that she may run for the US District 9 Congressional seat which is my district.

Jennifer has been prepared throughout life to represent the people of NC in Congress and to represent them in a way they will approve. She is high energy with a very practical common sense approach and will work hard to find the right solutions for the majority of her constituents.

On The Issues:


Jennifer runs for US Congress on a proven record of creating jobs in our region.  As County Commissioner she aggressively recruited new companies in the private sector to bring thousands of new jobs to the region. She played a major roll in developing the business friendly environment in Charlotte that has helped dozens of new companies bring good paying new jobs to the region. She is experienced in working common sense solutions that have proven effective in putting North Carolina back to work.


Jennifer will work to protect seniors and Medicare.  She believes in a budget that is fair and protects Medicare, while creating jobs, strengthening small businesses, rebuilding the middle class and reducing the deficit. Jennifer will make it her objective to fight to protect and strengthen Medicare by making it more efficient by pinpointing and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse.


Jennifer is a former High School Math Teacher with two children in North Carolina Public Schools.  She is a graduate with honors of the NC Public school system and an honors grad at UNC Chapel Hill.  She is a North Carolina Native that knows the future of the North Carolina economy depends on the education our kids receive today. Jennifer has a strong proven record of supporting our public schools, our school teachers and administrators, and partnering with parents to help make North Carolina schools the best they can be. I believe as our next member of Congress, Jennifer will fight every day to keep partisan politics out of our public schools, and help every child in North Carolina get the best possible education, so they can have the brightest possible future.


The majority of fund raising for Mrs. Roberts has been from small contributions by residents who reside in the 9th District of NC.  Today we see self-funding and super pac funds that in no way represent the will of the people in that district or state.  They represent the largest check book or the largest trust fund quite often from other states.  Candidates no longer have to be worried about the will of the people; they just need to spend the most money, flooding the airwaves and media sources with just plain lies and repetitions of lies.  With Jennifer Roberts, it is not that way.

The most recent fund raising revealed a very telling contrast between Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jennifer Roberts and self-funding millionaire candidate Robert Pittenger.

Roberts apparently outraised Pittenger from individual donors.  Her campaign announced the outpouring of community support has been tremendous. Roberts said, I am grateful for the outpouring of community support our campaign has received.  We have all seen the corrosive effect that self-funding, insider politics has had on Washington where people buy influence for self gain and forget the community they serve. I will continue to work hard and serve this community honestly and selflessly.

Recent fundraising reports show US Congressional candidate Jennifer Roberts (NC 9-parts of Mecklenburg, Iredell and Union counties) raised more funds in the second quarter from the community than her opponent.

Whether you are red or blue or independent gray I would encourage you to Contribute to Jennifer Roberts campaign by going to her website.  Let us make a change in District 9 that we have not seen since 1963. Contribute to Jennifer Roberts for US Congress NC 9.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for thinking about making a change in NC D 9.

All the Best,

Samantha Brownstone

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